What It Means To Have A Holmes Approved Home

When you build with West Ridge Fine Homes, you can trust that safety, health and sustainability come first because West Ridge is a Holmes Approved Homes builder. This means that there is always quality behind your walls. Calgary luxury homes are not complete without being Holmes Approved. With West Ridge & Holmes, your house will undergo…

Better Inspections

Your home will undergo a series of home inspections throughout its construction, including on-site field reviews by fully trained and approved Mike Holmes inspectors, providing you with a thorough, transparent record of the quality and value that exists behind your walls.

The Best Techniques

Tested building techniques and products that have consistently proven their value and benefits will be used in the construction of your home to beautifully support and protect your investment.

A Healthier Home

From the air you breathe to the systems you use, your home will be safer, healthier and more durable thanks to superior products and materials incorporated into every feature of your home.

Peace of Mind

Whether you’re looking for a home to grow old in or a home to grow healthier in, the Holmes Approved Homes program provides confidence in your investment. Your family can feel secure in your choice of a better, more durable home that’s been built from the ground up.

Also, the Holmes Approved Home program gives you three options to get the home you deserve.

The Holmes Stage Inspection Package

Will insure that your home is safe, protected and built right. Your home will receive three full home inspections, completed by an Approved Mike Holmes Inspector during key stages of construction, as well as full photo documentation.

The Holmes Upgrade Package

Provides a four-stage inspection, plus full documentation that proves your home is built right. Includes supplementary construction features, products and materials.

The Complete Holmes Package

Features trusted workmanship and incorporates the best building practices in the industry with the top products to build a home that is healthy, green, energy efficient, fire – mold – and moisture resistant. Boasts a six-stage inspection.

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