Enjoy the process

Building your home is an investment in your future and your lifestyle.

Going Above & Beyond Client Expectations

West Ridge Fine Homes delivers a level of service and attention that is unrivaled amongst other Calgary home builders. We cater to all of our clients’ individual needs through the planning, design, and construction of luxury custom homes that are completely unique. The entire home building process is unlike any other luxury custom home builder, from the discovery of the ideal location to the placement of the mailbox, our clients receive their own personal team. This team consists of expert designers, builders, and architects ensure every detail of your luxury home is crafted to perfection.

Full Service Luxury Home Builders In Calgary

West Ridge Fine Homes offers a full range of services that support the entire custom home building process. Throughout this array of services provided to our clients, West Ridge Fine Homes is the only point of contact for the entire project, making it easy to get things done with one solid team working towards the same goal.



Meet with West Ridge to discuss your vision, and get to know you. This initial meeting explores the location you would like to build in, the magnitude of the project, as well as the lifestyle you would like to create for yourself. We dig deep to understand the shape of your lives and present ideas to meet these needs with design solutions. We respect the financial commitment required to build a new home and at this stage, initial budgets are discussed. After we achieve alignment, it’s time to design – moving images and ideas into blueprints of your new dream home.


Design Development + Budgeting

After getting to know you better and understanding the things that are most important to you, our team prepares a conceptual version of your home that encapsulates all the ideas generated from our conversations in the discovery phase. With complete open book transparency, a construction budget is reviewed and evaluated at this stage and multiple milestone stages throughout the building process to ensure your investment is protected.



While preparing for the project to begin, West Ridge Fine Homes gathers the construction permits from both DP and BP. This ensures your project will be ready to start as soon as possible and eliminates uncertainty that comes with building a new home from scratch.



Starting from bare foundations, the framework of your custom built home begins. West Ridge provides you with a comprehensive website in which all the project updates are kept. You can see daily reports and photos of your custom home build. With transparent construction and milestone meetings, you’ll never guess at the status of your home. We deliver digital access to daily logs for your review at any time. Our internal team meets weekly on the status of your build and more often as required. This helps keep you apprised of construction progress overall, and allows for regular discussion points along the way.


Your custom home

The unveiling of your newly built custom home is a celebration of epic proportions. Walk through the property and you will be amazed by your home that is perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. The destination is here….the journey continues.


Warranty + Beyond

We walk you through your home 2-3 weeks prior to possession to address any items that need attention. This is our chance to make your move-in day perfect. We complete this process with you again on the day you take possession and demonstrate how any prior issues have been addressed. Once settled, we maintain an open dialogue with scheduled home checks at 3, 6, and 12-month intervals.