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Define Your Lifestyle

What’s your thing?

Your lifestyle, your needs, your wants, and even your desires are unique and change over time.

Your home should be a place that makes you feel amazing, that reflects your lifestyle and has the odd extravagance.  It should make your life more convenient and bring people together.

You want to love your home and be proud of all it entails.

And that is the beautiful thing about creating your custom home, it allows you to create a place for your thing.

Redefining Your Custom Home Building Experience

From finding the perfect lot through possession day and beyond, the Experience of building your dream home has never felt so good!

Discovery Meeting


Let's get to know each other!

A meeting of exploring your needs, wants, and vision.

It's an opportunity to discover what's important to you, how you live your lifestyle, and how you want your home to feel.

We show you what's different about our process and what to expect from our team throughout the entire journey.

Always paired with charcuterie and wine, or a beverage of your choice.

Home Site Selection


Where you live matters

We review your site or walk you through the process of finding one that fits your needs perfectly.

We discuss the challenges and identify the opportunities. Often comparing multiple sites to determine what location meets your criteria and offers the most value. As well as offer due-diligence on bylaws, additional infrastructure expenses, and unforeseen costs.

Acreage, Inner City, City Estate.  We have a team of professionals that specialize in all areas of Realestate.

And ensure it all aligns with your budget.

Visioning & Collaboration


Let the creativity shine.

Great design lies in the details, and creating a home that reflects your lifestyle perfectly is why we created the previous steps.

Let's now put it all together. A vision grows into a concept- that evolves into a design and what once was a thought, is now a perfect model of your custom home.

Our collaborative approach ensures we effectively tick off all your needs, wants, and include the occasional "wow, I wish I could have....."

For some people, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  And that is why the entire experience matters.

Construction Process


Your home should be the most amazing place in your life. The journey to get there should be just as amazing.

We want you to be a part of the process, to feel the excitement, and see your vision come to life. We feel educating our clients during the building process gives you a better understanding of how your home functions.

We celebrate the milestones along the way and make the finale spectacular. But this is not the end, we are here for you long after you move in.

A Home Is More Than Four Walls

We get it…… it’s so much more than a house with windows and a roof.

Its that feeling of calm on a Friday evening, of joy and security when you are with your loved ones, it’s gratitude, pride when you entertain guests – its the excitement of the journey and the peace of mind that its all done right.

It’s your needs, your desires, your lifestyle. Your Home.

Be Inspired by Our Custom Homes

We don’t live with “standard” and neither should you.  Every home we build, we challenge and exceed our industry standards and the conventional way of thinking.



West Hillhurst Custom






Our Passion is Producing the Finest Custom Homes

If you are anything like us, you have a passion for something, a burning desire for a greater good.  Everything we do, we believe in challenging our industry standards and the conventional way of thinking. We feel there is always a better way.

We are builders. We are creators. We are people people.

We love collaboration and innovation because gratitude lies in solving our client’s problems, it just feels good.  It’s why we do what we do.  It’s seeing the joy in our clients as their dreams and desires come to life.  The overwhelming excitement as we unveil your finished home, and the conversations along the entire journey.

For us, the excitement lies in building something new. A relationship, an innovative concept, a home that fulfills a dream. 

Our joy can be found in creating the smallest of details that ensure our homes stand out, which makes your home authentic and truly yours.  And the little gestures along the way that make your building experience like no other.

For over a decade, we have been fine-tuning our process to give our clients a house that truly reflects their needs, wants, and desires.  And in return, they have given us the opportunity to fulfill our passion.

We keep it simple.  Our passion is building.  What makes us different is the amazing experience along the way.

We invite you to experience the difference.


Award-Winning Luxury Show Homes



Our Sovereign Crescent Show Home is a boldly modern statement with worm charm.


105 Silverhorn is Mountain inspired escape with Modern qualities


This Transitional Show Home is an innovative agreement between form & function

St. Andrews

2949 Toronto Cres shows off a modern renovation with details you’ll love.

We recently moved into our home build by West Ridge. We enjoyed the entire process, from design to construction. The team helped us find the perfect lot and helped design our dream home. Marc was always open to trying something new and unique, which is perfect for a custom home builder. Andy oversaw the build and was great to work with. Our kids still ask if Andy is coming over! The home design team and interior design team made what can be a stressful endeavor very exciting and fun. We would highly recommend West Ridge to anyone looking to build a high-quality custom home”.

Lisa and Andrew

Marc and the team at Westridge do an exceptional job of designing unique homes but also creating an experience to enjoy. The experience of working through the design is creative and fun. The communication and organization to stay on schedule through construction are excellent. The final home is outstanding. I would recommend to anyone that Westridge is a builder you MUST consider.


“The West Ridge team exceeded our expectations in building the house of our dreams! The craftsmanship of the final product truly represents a team of experienced designers and quality builders……… We were utterly in awe as to the final product that was delivered to us. The house that the West Ridge team built for us was beyond our expectations.”

Emily and Chad

The sales process was stress-free, no pressure and lots of information upfront. The West Ridge group walked us through the selection process start to finish and helped us make the selections that produced a beautiful final product.  The building experience with West Ridge was fantastic. From start to finish West Ridge answered all of our many questions and helped us understand the process step by step. The Lehouillier family are an amazing group to work with!…. our home met and exceeded our expectations at delivery. We were thrilled when we walked in on delivery day, everything came together and looked amazing.  We would absolutely recommend West Ridge. We are so happy with our house. It was a dream project that West Ridge worked hard to help us make a reality.

Wendy and John

Wow! Absolutely stunning custom homes. The West Ridge team has been absolutely fantastic to work with and our home fits our lifestyle perfectly. Couldn’t be happier!


Our family would like to thank Marc, Andy and all the wonderful people at WestRidge Fine Homes who helped us to design and build our dream home. We are so grateful for their guidance and dedication in helping us to bring our dream to life. They were great at listening to what we wanted for our new home. They supported us every step of the way with our selections, ensuring that we were getting what we wanted. The end result was even more amazing than we had envisioned. They went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy with every detail. Their professionalism and expertise were outstanding. We are extremely thrilled with our forever home, and highly recommend West Ridge Fine Homes for your new build.

Nelia and Larry

Let's Meet For A Discovery Consultation

Why settle for anything less than what you desire. Our team of experts will help you bring the home of your dreams to life. Afterall, you deserve the best.

Let's Meet For
A Consult

Why settle for anything less than what you desire. Our team of experts will help you bring the home of your dreams to life. Afterall, you deserve the best.

Let’s Meet for a Discovery Consultation

Why settle for anything less than what you desire. Our team of experts will help you bring the home of your dreams to life. Afterall, you deserve the best.