Our Five Favourite Home Décor Picks for 2015

Top 5 Decor Picks for 2015

In 2014, plants, warm metallic décor and hues (especially copper), textile art, pastels and geometric shapes were some of the most popular trends for home design (and they are still going strong). It’s time to countdown the top 5 decor picks for 2015! With a new year, comes new trends and new looks. Here are the 5 home trends we’re anticipating in the coming year.

Dark, Moody Colours

With marsala being the PANTONE colour of the year for 2015 we can expect to see a shift from the mostly bright, white interiors we’ve been seeing a lot of in recent years. A shift towards darker, moodier hues is definitely trending for 2015. Think marsala, navy, charcoal, and even aubergine.

Sophisticated “Clutter”

This ties works hand in hand with the previously discussed trend. Sophisticated ‘clutter’ is about leaving out a few things you find beautiful or meaningful, while embracing minimalistic mindset. Think of it as a three-dimensional scrapbook.


Texture has been slowly creeping back into home décor for a quite a while now, and is very likely to make a big comeback in 2015. Look to accent your modern space with furs, warm woods, and patterned ethnic textiles.


Yes, leather is big for 2015! We recommend having a look at designer Poul Kjærholm pieces! Think beyond leather furniture and keep an eye out for leather accents such as lampshades, frames, and decorative vases.

A Blend Of Old & New

We’ve already started to see a huge shift toward the vintage look. The key for 2015 will be to blend vintage furniture and décor pieces with the new, modern look of your home. We recommend shopping antique stores (and grandma’s attic) to add a little extra warmth and depth to your space.

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