How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your New Home

Luxury Floor Plans In Calgary For Your Home

Building your own custom home in Calgary is one of the most exciting adventures you will have in a lifetime. Generally speaking, your home is also one of the greatest, if not the greatest investment you will make. You don’t want to get it wrong, and at West Ridge Fine Homes, that isn’t a worry.  We will help you through the entire process so that the end product represents your vision. That being said, you must be able to harness your vision into a working floor plan. Our luxury floor plans are designed to help our clients gather inspiration for their own custom homes in Calgary.

As with many other aspects of the build-to-order process, personal preferences will define the floor plan of your home. Preference is the primary contributor, but at the same time, functionality and practicality play an important role. It is always a good idea to examine the options; going over a number of questions that will help you to envision what is best for your family.

Build-to-order offers perks that cookie-cutter builds do not. We are the builders- but the “buck stops with you”. The floor plan is all yours.

Let’s start with a few questions to jumpstart your thinking

It’s not always what you like that fuels creativity. Sometimes, it’s what you don’t. Think about where you live now, or where you’ve formerly lived. Obviously, you don’t love everything about it, or you wouldn’t want to make a change. Then again, if you loved the floor plan but hated the neighborhood, then your job is easy. Just copy. However, it is more likely that there are a few things about the former floor plan that you downright hated. Maybe you didn’t like that the laundry room was relegated to the garage, or that the kitchen could be viewed from the front door. Ask yourself what you like/dislike about your old house. Specifically adjust the floor plan to change those things that were annoying or that absolutely drove you crazy.

Will your lifestyle remain as it is, or do you imagine that it will change down the road?

This is a difficult question to answer, not only because we can’t see into the future, but also because it requires us to contemplate the “what if’s”.  What if one day we’re unable to climb stairs? What if we need to care for aging parents? What if we have another kid? What if the children grow up and move away? (Hint: they will).

You may not be able to definitively answer the “what if’s” about your future, but you can make decisions about your floor plan that will soften the blow down the road. For instance, if stairs are a scary proposition as you contemplate retirement– then nix them from the floor plan. If you think an aging parent might come to live with you, or if you may have another child, then plan accordingly. If the kids are moving out sooner than later, then perhaps a less expansive floor plan is best. You get the idea.

How crucial is privacy to your family?

Will your family be okay with an open floor plan? Would you prefer a kitchen that opens up into a large common area? Would it be okay with you if the only rooms that were secluded from view were bathrooms and bedrooms? Level of privacy is definitely a factor. Maybe you can design a floor plan that embraces a little of each- privacy and common social areas. You might include a family room/activity center or an eat-in kitchen with lots of room for family and friends to gather during food prep.

What do you want to look out of your window and see?

You know that window and door placement is a part of the floor plan, right? The front door is basically a given, but all others are a toss- up. Consider the morning and evening sun. Which windows would you like to face the sunrise or sunset; the master bed/bath? It’s also a question of heat gain. Think about how the heat that enters the house will affect energy efficiency. Your floor plan can assist with energy conservation and sustainability.

Can you see the mountains from your home? Would you like to have a patio/balcony that faces the mountains?

What do you want to look out of your window and see?

If all of this seems daunting, please remember that you ‘re not alone. You come up with a basic/raw floor plan, and we will flesh it out. We’ll even take your rough sketch and transform it into a working floor plan that is worth $5000, which is complimentary.

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