Discover Britannia

A Brief History

Britannia was the first community planned by the City of Calgary’s Planning Department after World War II. This community was planned around the ideals of the time, 1956, which included much of the community criteria we see today. These criteria included features such as a central park, streets that cut through the community to avoid traffic, roads that flow with the natural landscaping, and amenities. Though these may seem like standard criteria in today’s neighbourhoods, in the 1950s Britannia was way ahead of the curve.
By 1952 lots were being sold for $5,000 – $8,000 which at the time was far above the average lot price of $250. Homes had a hard time selling at this price point which led to a slight decline in 1954 where lots were sold for $2,500 – $5,000. By 1956 plenty of these lots were developed with huge architectural diversity rarely seen today. Britannia caught so much attention as a cutting edge neighbourhood in its beginning years that it even merited a visit from Queen Elizabeth in 1959. Today, we can still see the bones of the neighbourhood that have withstood the test of time. Britannia homes are still considered to be some of the most diverse within the City of Calgary.
What Makes It Special
Britannia is a cutting edge neighbourhood with its unique homes and large lots. It has ample landscaped streetscapes which create a sophisticated Victorian feel that is rarely seen in Calgary. Britannia showcases the best examples of mid-century modern architecture in the city, and it’s a neighbourhood that is highly sought after by the affluent.
Community Association

Britannia’s community centre merged with its eastern neighbour Elboya Heights in November 2017 to create the Elboya Heights – Britannia Community Association. The association organizes seasonal events surrounding the holidays, great programs for all ages, as well as a large ice rink for the winter months.

Location, Location, Location
Britannia is caressed by the Elbow River on its north and western broders. It has a prime location that allows for easy access to Elbow Drive yet stays secluded in its own private space. Britannia is just north of the Calgary Golf & Country Club, it has tons of green space, and is a gorgous location.
Why We Love Building Here
The amount of exclusivity and privacy is unlike any other neighbourhood that’s close to the city centre of Calgary. The homes are unique and inspired which creates an atmosphere that sets Britannia apart from other affluent neighbourhoods. Its rich history is another fascinating feature that fuels our appreciation for this longstanding community.