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Affluence In Charleswood

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– Off the Market –

Affluence In Charleswood

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Congratulations to the new homeowners, this property is off the market.

3480 Chippendale Dr NW


3480 Chippendale



A Timeless Treasure


A Magnificent Backyard

This Charleswood custom home is currently under development. We encourage you to contact West Ridge Fine Homes to learn more about this home. Built alongside Escape, this home is truly a timeless treasure with a modern grey rendering paired with gorgeous polished hardwood features throughout the property. This home is tailormade for people with the finest tastes.


A Grand Entrance

This glamorous home has reinvented retaining walls in a way that acts as an extension of the property. This home has been designed with advanced privacy and lighting techniques in mind. Once complete this gorgeous home will come completely developed and fully furnished. West Ridge Fine Homes builds with most modern appliances available and the most elite interior designs. Move in once the home is built and start living luxuriously straight away.


3480 Chippendale Dr NW

Congratulations to the new owners, this property is off the market. Explore our properties for sale here.