No Standardized Floor Plans, No Standardized Features
No Standardized Anything

No Standardized Floor Plans, No Standardized Features
No Standardized Anything

Discover West Ridge Fine Homes

Creating your  fabulous home takes time and  21st Century design savvy, along with visionary thinking, trusted building techniques and great attention to every single legal, environmental, safety, health and technical detail, from pouring the foundations  to placing your welcome mat.

We at West Ridge Fine Homes know the delight – and the stress – you face when you select the right home for you and your loved ones, the most adequate interior and exterior designs, the best streamlined floor plans, the most qualified builder and crews, as well as a myriad of other concerns and details.

You will be bewildered until exhaustion by all the other builders’ limited offerings and options, but this is not the way we will work with you.

With us, you decide every specific window, door, staircase, floor plan, exterior, every personal touch you want.



Our experience with West Ridge has been breathtaking. We literally met with 13 builders before hiring them, and reviewed over 100 floor plans. With West Ridge we didn’t go through any of that. They built the home of our dreams from scratch.

-Satisfied West Ridge Customer


Neighborhood Profiles

Although we can build anywhere, the communities below are the areas we’re most experienced in. Download our neighborhood profiles to learn more about these great neighborhoods. If you want to build in an area not profiled below, feel free to call us directly and we’ll be happy to go do some research for you.

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Built-to-Order Bungalows As We Age

Designed by CS Architect

Built-to-Order Bungalows As We Age

Growing older is a part of life, so preparing for the inevitable is a smart move.

Discovering Green Haven by Okotoks


Discovering Green Haven by Okotoks

Green Haven is becoming a sought after destination

Join us on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon for a tour of our newest show home in Green Haven Estates, Okotoks. Open until 4pm ...

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