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Congratulations! You have bought a lot  in your dream community, now it is time to build a home that is as unique as you are. At West Ridge Fine Homes, we know that building your custom home is all about bringing your vision to life. From the beginning of the project, we take the time to get to know you and your values in order to decipher how your perfect home will take shape.

We have been building quality custom homes in Calgary for over 15 years. Our foundation of providing exceptional customer service along with the tools to bring your vision to life is what sets us apart from other home builders.  Our team of experts bring your dream home to life.  Afterall, you deserve the best.

Be Inspired By The Exceptional

Invest in a home unlike any other. Working with West Ridge Fine Homes, our clients are able to take their wildest dreams of intriguing details and transform it into reality.  When we design and create, we do everything with purpose and perfection. Your ideas are supported by our team of expert architects, designers, and talented creator who work with you every step of the way.

Individualized Designs That Exceed Expectations

Now that you have bought land in your ideal neighbourhood let’s make the most of your space and build the home that you have always dreamt of. Indulge in the details that make you excited to come home, like your deep soaker bathtub or your games room in the basement. You decide what your home will take the shape of. Built exceptionally for each member of your family.

Craftsmanship That Redefines Quality Standards

Catering to a wide variety of tastes, the pallet of a luxury home builder is always refined.  Whether you enjoy classic charm or a modern masterpiece, we break the mold and create homes that challenge what is possible in home design. Imagine owning a home like no other, something that is perfectly catered to you.

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Get In Touch To Begin The Process

Contact Marc Lehouillier and the excellent team at West Ridge Fine Homes to learn more about our unique homes and the home building process. Building a home is an exciting process, and you need the support of talented luxury home builders to design and construc the home of your dreams.