Renovating your home is exciting.

Renovating your lifestyle is even more exciting.

Renovating your home is exciting.

Renovating your lifestyle is even more exciting.

Home Builders are
the best renovators

Is your home or investment property needing a major face lift? Maybe it doesn’t fit your current style or way of living, or you’re wanting to increase the value or add more square footage. There are hundreds of reasons to remodel, and as a design centric, lifestyle inspired home builder, we’ve just about heard it all. Which is a good thing, because it helps us make the process that much easier for you. Our team can address anything from widening doorways to pushing out walls to create a more open space, to transforming your kitchen into a chefs dream, or even turning your basement into your most favorite room in the house, and more. Function is essential, but design and style are just as important. It helps when you love your home. It just does.

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You can expect:


We will replace the frustration and headaches that come with major home renovations with:


Complete Suite of Services

There is no shortage of renovators in Calgary. Some do a fantastic job on smaller home renovations, and even larger ones. If your renovation plans extend beyond a few rooms, and encompass the whole home, West Ridge Fine Homes is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals most effectively.

Home Additions

Effective home additions should not only address your lifestyle needs, but increase the value of your property and serve as an opportunity to improve other outdated exterior and interior components.

Major Repairs

More than 270 species of mold have been identified in Calgary homes. The older your home the higher the likelihood of mold growth. Contact us now for a thorough inspection.


Fixing exterior damage is the very list of what we do. Our specialty is in creating fantastic "curb appeal", and turning your home into the talk of the neighborhood.


The quickest way to renew the inside of your home is to rethink how it's laid out. Knock down a couple of walls and your main level will never look the same. Your home has unlimited potential.

For information on our Built to Order™ home building process:

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