Build your new home in one of Calgary’s lavish master-planned resort like communities.

Build your new home in one of Calgary’s lavish master-planned resort like communities.

Life in the Suburbs

The way we view cities is changing and so is the concept of suburban living. At one time people moved to suburbia to create a cozy retreat only to find they still wanted to be connected. You will find a sense of community here and still be able to preserve your autonomy. Not all suburbs are created equal. Some begin with similar features and arrive at distinct outcomes in terms of population, wealth, prestige and character to name a few. Some commonalities exist yet you will want to be discerning and choose wisely. You will find spacious homes and larger lots here. Being close to parks and nature is another characteristic of suburban life. More fresh air and views of nature are at your disposal.  Most suburban areas have shopping and activity centres close to home. Why not escape the stress and retain the convenience of urban living and enjoy a better quality of life?

At West Ridge Fine Homes we know when you buy a new home in a new community, you’re making a lifestyle investment. It is because of this that we’ve made it our job to become intimately familiar with new developments in and around Calgary. Think of us as lifestyle consultants first, and master builders second. We do both, with great passion and care.

Your New Home in Your New Community

Check out the Current Projects section of our website for information about the communities we’re currently building in, or let us know if you plan to build elsewhere. We build everywhere.

Your Personal Concierge

For you to get a true taste for where we build, or any other area that you may want to explore, we'll get in the car with you and take you on a highly personalized discovery to help you make the right decision.

A La Carte Floor Plans

We build and design every home from scratch, with no two floor plans being the same. Everything we do is with your lifestyle, preferences and dreams in mind.

Meticulous Exterior Design

Your home will turn heads, we guarantee it. When you pull into your driveway, we want you to say "wow" each and every time. And, we'll plan every little detail to achieve that.

Lifestyle Inspired Interior Design

The inside of your house is like the inside of your heart. The less cluttered, the better it feels. We'll guide you through a fun process where we'll eliminate more than we'll add. Your dream home is a few creative sessions away.

For information on our Built to Order™ home building process:

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New Community Insights

Some food for thought about the communities we build in and the options available to you.

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