Green new homes are environmentally responsible and healthy places for you and your family to live in.

Green new homes are environmentally responsible and healthy places for you and your family to live in.

The Making of A Green Home

A Green home is neither a trend, or quickly fading fad or choice in flooring and other building materials. A green home is a system. An intricate system that brings many elements together to create a healthy environment for your family to live in. One that mother nature agrees with and supports.

Let’s Build Your Green Home

Think of us as pioneers in the world of green home building. We’re what you can call a group of people that walk the talk. We’re green through and through, and understand the lifestyle choices and needs of families that choose a green life. More than that, we are lifestyle planners, green living educators, home designers, green building researchers, and activists.

Green Home Building Consulting

While we're all drawn to idea of idea of a green life, we all have a different take on what it means. We're here to explore your ideas, and to share ours with you.

Finding The Best Lots

Choosing the right location for your green home is as important as the design of the home. We'll walk you through every step to help you make all of the right decisions.

Architectural Design

As your home building partner, we act as your design consultant at all stages of construction to bring you the greenest, most environmentally responsible home.

Green Home Building

A green home isn't really green, unless it's built with your health and the environment in mind, strictly using green products. That about sums up our construction process.

For information on our Built to Order™ home building process:

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Going Green

There are lots of misconceptions in the marketplace about the making and costs of a green home. We’d love to straighten the record.

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