The bungalow is making a comeback

The bungalow is making a comeback

Bungalow Living

Originally bungalows appealed to those wanting the comforts of home at an affordable price. This is no longer the case. Bungalows have become a lifestyle choice, and not just for the elderly, but also for young families with small kids. Bungalows are safer in both cases. But, who said they can’t be stylish as well? Download our bungalow e-book for a brief introduction to bungalow living and for pictures of bungalow styles from around the world.

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Built-to-Order Bungalow Solutions

Bungalows offer the perfect home for families at different stages of their lives. Let’s explore if the a West Ridge Fine Homes bungalow is right for you. All of our homes are built to order, and are very few limitations in terms of where we can build. If bungalow living is right for you, we’re convinced we’re the most suitable builder in Calgary to build your bungalow home.

Life Stage Needs Assessment

Kids left home? You're close to retirement or already retired. Planning on travelling? Downsizing to a bungalow on an estate lot, away from the hustle and bustle of city life may be just what the doctor and your investment planner ordered.

A La Carte Floor Plans

We build and design every home from scratch, with no two floor plans being the same. Everything we do is with your lifestyle, preferences and dreams in mind.

A La Mode Designs

Bungalows have evolved with the ages. The rectangular boxes from the 60's are history. Welcome to a new era of home building, where you can downsize or upsize in luxurious style.


We offer solutions such that you can enjoy your new home for decades to come. Sometimes planning ahead is the smartest thing to do.

For information on our Built to Order™ home building process:

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Bungalow Living

The bungalow has been around for centuries, and yet, given real estate and home design trends, and a whole new generation of buyers, it still needs an introduction.

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