Escape city life on a beautiful acreage home built with your lifestyle in mind.

Escape city life on a beautiful acreage home built with your lifestyle in mind.

Life on an Acreage


Life on an acreage is tailor-made for anyone that is tired of the urban hustle and bustle and is looking to lead a quiet life in a peaceful environment near the outskirts of the nearby city. It is guaranteed that you will enjoy the countryside’s fresh air, all while becoming accustomed to a slower pace of life. Download our acreage living e-book for a complete guide on acreage living.


Let’s Design Your Dream Acreage Life

We love building homes on an acreage. Not just because of the extra space to get creative, but because of lifestyle considerations that drive the entire process. Its a fun and rewarding process for both ourselves and our customers.

Lot Purchase Consulting

Deciding on the right acreage lot is a bit of a science. A lifestyle science, that we've mastered.

Acreage Lifestyle Consulting

So much space, what will you do with it? We're here to help guide you to embrace your dreams.

Home Construction & Lot Services

It might help to know that above all else at West Ridge Fine Homes we specialize in "peace of mind".

Exclusive After Sale Program

You won't have to worry about your landscaping for the first 12 months. That's right, we'll do it for you.

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Acreage Dreams

Nearly everyone has an acreage dream. For some their dreams include horses, for others not so much. While the articles below are not intended to replace your acreage dreams, we’re hoping it will enrich them.

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