Empty Nester Renovations

Suddenly the house is a lot bigger, or so it seems. The moment you knew would one day come, but never expected to actually arrive, is here. You’re not sure how you feel about a much quieter house now that the kids have left home, but the extra space is okay. Maybe you could get used to it. It has been a long time since it was just the two of you bumping around in a house that was much too big for you. Now, having gone full circle, you find yourselves, empty nesters, bumping around again in a large semi empty house. The kid’s stuff still clutters the house, so you will have to do something about that if you are going to reclaim the space.

Maybe a reclaiming and renovating project is just what you need.

Before the kid’s trail out the front door is cold, many empty nesters decide the house is too big or that it is too much work for two people. They just plain move out. That may work for some, but turning your home into what was impractical back when you had mouths to feed, is totally possible now. Just because you’re empty nesters doesn’t mean you are around the bend, but your second honeymoon cottage could be.

The following are a few ideas on how to turn the corner.

  • What’s a honeymoon without an opulent bedroom? Okay, it doesn’t have to be opulent, but building the ensuite you’ve always wanted is now within your reach. Your renovator will give you advice on expanding the space by knocking out a non-weight bearing wall between your bedroom and an adjoining bathroom or the kid’s empty bedroom. The ensuite bathroom/bedroom renovation will increase the resale value on your home, but with a new double sink, vanity, and a spa bathtub, why would you want to move?
  • Empty nesters often rediscover the things they loved to do before children came along. Now’s your chance to dedicate a room to a favorite past time. Eliminate, for instance, the kid’s playroom downstairs, and renovate it to create a workshop, home office, craft room or game room. The sky really is the limit.
  • Until now, out-of-sight out-of-mind has been your attitude towards the unfinished basement. There were always other priorities. Now, finishing the lower level can be moved to the front and center. Here’s an idea. Turn the bottom level into a space that is fit for a Bed and Breakfast guest room or Airbnb. With the right attention to code and other details you could turn the space into a moneymaker. Rent the room out during peak vacation seasons. Your renovator will be up to the rules that will affect the placement of a room or apartment in the basement.
  • With the kids out of the house you only have to cook when you feel like it. You might feel like it more often in a newly renovated kitchen, the kind that is spacious enough to comfortably entertain guests. Think of the upgrades: granite countertops, an island with seating and storage space, a large double sink, and professional grade appliances. Your renovator will assist with increasing the functionality of your well-worn kitchen. Light is an issue. Make a statement and make it work, with no dark shadows under cabinets. Again, your renovator will advise on how to increase ambience while also adding the right amount of brightness.

Not only can your empty nest be remodeled into a place that you can survive without the kids, but also into an enjoyable space in which you want to live. However, be forewarned.  With all the attractive changes the birds may want to fly back to the nest.


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