Professional life winding down

The point had arrived when what we needed was a change of pace. After years of the executive life downtown with a demanding professional life, I began to dream of winding things down a bit. I had been a major achiever and once my goals had been reached it was time for something new.

My wife had been involved in many charity activities and we both led an active social life. I am semi-retired looking to full retirement soon. We are happy to be away from the heavy traffic and enjoy that our neighbours are more than an arm’s length away.

Staying in contact with the many friends we have met over the years have been important and we often host parties. The indoor pool and gym were a great addition for us as we like to stay fit and the opportunity to do so is right at our fingertips. I now work at home part of the time and my wife has taken up writing fiction. It is wonderful to be able to work in our pajamas if we so choose.

We both enjoy the solitude that living in the country offers. The property offers plenty of walking space and the sunsets are stunning. Wildlife can be seen right from our breakfast table. An endless variety of birds visit the feeders and we enjoy watching them.

The children are grown with their own families now. This acreage is a place for the grandchildren to come to visit on weekends. We have an abundance of room for large family dinners.

The simple life has turned out to be the best thing we could have done for ourselves. We do not need anything else at this point in our lives. Now we are focusing on the things we enjoy and focusing on ourselves, our family and friends.


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