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WestRidge Fine Homes is a leader in sustainable business practices while being practical and productive. We partner with those who wish to collectively address existing challenges on building efficiency and work together to transform standards for the building and construction sector.

With the increased demand for resources and a growing population, Alberta needs to make the best use of its land, particularly in high density areas and pay attention to what we consume. Alberta is lagging on incentives for building for sustainability and green initiatives. We believe if we build it they will come. As builders we feel it is our responsibility to educate and raise awareness by putting this into practise in an integral way.

Sustainable architecture starts with proper site planning and innovative design incorporating all of the elements of good environmental design. In our builds we seek to minimize negative environmental impact by creating energy efficient homes by revolutionary use of materials and development space. Using renewable resources in the process of design, construction and operation.

We work with materials in such a way to take advantage of their unique properties and ensuring the materials are used to their full advantage. We use natural nontoxic high quality building materials which are native to the area whenever possible. This creates an organic feel and lessens the transportation costs of acquiring these.

Many factors contribute to a home being ‘green’. Choosing good locations close to public transportation in population dense areas makes for convenience and a smaller carbon footprint. We customize according to your needs which eliminates wasted space and reducing the amount of materials that are incorporated. Good design streamlines organization and efficient use of space and makes for comfortable simple living. Life is complicated enough and your home can be a refuge for that sort of thing.

Proper insulation will reduce your energy costs and that includes well sealed windows and doors. Using nontoxic insulation will prevent hat loss in winter and you will also have a home that stays cool in the summer. Care is taken to install lights, heating, cooling and water systems which are energy efficient.

Green homes often have a water and irrigation system with fixtures and appliance that support conservation. They may even incorporate rainwater collection and storage systems.

Ideally a green home should be able to produce some of its own energy through the use of photovoltaic systems such as solar panels. Above all plenty of light and ventilation will make you happier and healthier. The sky is the limit.



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