Organic Farming

Jan and Dave were excited to move into their new large home on an acreage. They picked that particular one because the lay of the land was conducive to a large garden area. With a natural stream running through the land and a spectacular view of the mountains they were sold.

Both she and Dave enjoy a natural lifestyle. They love to garden together. Dave does the heavier work and Jan designs the garden layout. In the evenings they like to relax and occasionally entertain.

Dave is a finishing carpenter and works for himself. Being handy, he needed a large garage shop area to accommodate his tools and to have a space to do the prep work.  With a busy schedule they needed something close enough to the city for a reasonable commute.

Ever since Jan could remember she has enjoyed cooking.  Now she has a huge kitchen which could pass for a commercial kitchen. She is interested in foods that heal and spends much of her time coming up with new recipes. They both agreed fresh organic ingredients make all the difference.

In the winter it is difficult to fresh fruits and vegetables in Alberta. What they really needed was a greenhouse and with a lot of research they designed their own greenhouse.  For a year round supply of fresh produce and herbs they needed a foolproof design so it could remain functional throughout the winter months. A sustainable solar setup complete with a rain water system is what they went with and they could not be more pleased to see their dreams materialize.

In fact their gardening flourished so well they had plenty left over and Jan began to sell her produce to the finer restaurants in the city who prefer to serve local vegetables and herbs.  Dave has more than enough room for his tools and equipment with room to work on his projects. They enjoy their outdoor fire pit and hot tub under the Rockies.

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