Living on an Acreage

Living on an acreage

Country living makes a few thoughts run through one’s mind, things such as enormous room to breathe, large space for hobbies, maybe a vegetable garden, frequent horse back riding, enough room to park extra vehicles, scenic backgrounds, and  a whole lot of land you can use for pretty much anything that tickles your fancy, not to mention the opportunity for out of this world landscaping.

Life on an acreage can offer a large array of benefits, complemented by a very safe environment in which to raise a family or retire. With the proper help from a qualified real estate agent, it is very likely you can purchase an acreage that is in just the right location, in order to avoid any unnecessary complications.



Countryside living is a blessing for those of us who are fed up with all the noisy city traffic, constantly having to interact with neighbors -sometimes considerably more than we’d like to, despite the fact they can sometimes be wonderful people-, being bothered by uninvited solicitors who decide to ring your door bell at dinner time, and of course the unaware dogs who always prefer your well pampered yard as they favorite spot to “do business”. These are just a few of many valid reasons to move away from a city that is increasingly busier and unsafer by the day, to a place where you can have a gated drive-way, fenced-in yard, and a whole lot of well-deserved privacy.



If there is one thing countryside folks could not easily give up it is all the enormous space that living on an acreage offers. There’s plenty of room for kids to run, dogs and other pets are never happier, you can build a spa, set-up a mechanical shop, or start a classic cars collection. This is the kind of a backyard that can hold a large pool for your family and friends to rejoice in summer time, a skating ring for winter time, your very own forrest -but careful with this if you are afraid of deer greeting you during your morning coffee-, build a hangar, buy some horses, or even build a beautiful little guest house for all the relatives and friends that will probably want to come to your house for holidays.

The opportunity to build a wonderful and welcoming scenic background is also      there. You can do this yourself and delight in your own art, or hire a landscaping company you can easily find by just doing some research. It would also be a good idea to start planting your own fruit and vegetable garden, which many start working on soon after they first buy an acreage. If you wanna live off the grid, you can accomplish this as well, and take advantage of a complete self-sufficient living. An acreage house can easily become a dream home for you and all of your family.


Self-sufficient living

In today’s economy and dynamics, being able to live a healthy life style is becoming increasingly difficult. Country living offers folks not only the opportunity to breathe a cleaner air, but to plant and grow your own food as well. You can have a vegetable garden, eat fruits from your own back yard, or even plant grain crops. You can do this as a hobby, or make a bussiness of it. People who have fed their families out of their own personal gardens claim it is not only organic and healthy, but extremly fulfilling as well. You can do this buy supplying your own water and electricity, or by drawing it in from the city supply. You should weight your options properly at the time of purchase.


Beautiful landscapes

Considering the fact that an acreage usually holds quite an impressive amount of land, some of it can always be used to express the love of living closer to nature. You can have some absolutely gorgeous multi-leveled flower gardens, wonderful landscaping with forests and fields, lofty drive-way gate, and just all-around distinguished curb appeal. If you add a few horses and other animals into the mix, one can easily notice how the image of the plastic city life dissipates away, leaving room for a more organic, and maybe a more true way of life.

Countryside living has great appeal for many, and it is for obvious reasons, some of which have been mentioned in this article. An acreage can be close enough to the city to offer the convenience of  proximity to amenities, while giving you the privacy and freedom that only living out of town can. Before making your purchase, make sure you consider more than one option, and know what fits your family and lifestyle best, and it can definitely be one of the most promising and healthiest aquisitions you have ever made.

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