Is Your Home Foundation Compromised?

The concrete foundation, on which your house rests, is the most important aspect of home building. There will be problems down the road, if the builder hasn’t properly laid the foundation of your home. A faulty foundation is a definite nightmare. But, there are steps you can take to alleviate the problem. But, first you must know the signs that indicate a defective foundation. Once the problem is detected you can go about having it fixed by a reputable whole home renovator.

Soil that is given to shifting or that is susceptible to moving water is often the culprit behind foundation problems. Shifting soil causes the foundation to change, and in turn this will also cause structural damage to your home. It will become noticeable over time.

Here are a few signs that are indicative of a foundation problem.

Signs of less serious foundation concerns include:

  • Separation of bricks and blocks on the outside walls of the house
  • Separation of bricks and blocs on the inside of the home
  • Cracks running along the outer walls and or sheetrock
  • Misaligned doors

Signs of severe foundation damage include:

  • Breaks in plumbing
  • Attic rafters pulling away and separating
  • Frame warping or bending

Signs on the interior of your home that indicates a foundation problem

  • Doors and windows won’t open properly
  • Floors tend to be unlevelled
  • Gaps between cabinets
  • Cabinet doors won’t stay shut
  • Cracks in walls, especially those that run diagonally

Events that may have contributed to a faulty foundation

  • Poor construction

Failure to allow cement ample time to cure will set a foundation up to fail. Hardening of the cement is not enough. The concrete slab must sit for a reasonable amount of time to fully cure beneath the surface.

  • Poor drainage

The slope of the land surrounding your home could be a contributing factor, causing water from inclement weather or even pressure from sprinklers on the foundation.  Internal plumbing leaks may also cause foundation damage.

  • Sun damage

The sun can be almost as damaging to a foundation as water. Sun baked soil surrounding the foundation and direct sunlight to exposed areas can start a progression of cracks.

  • Foliage

The roots of trees and shrubs planted too close to the house can uproot a foundation.


If your home displays any of the above symptoms of a faulty foundation, do not hesitate to call us. There could be more at stake than just cosmetic damage. We are foundation repair specialists, and will be able to determine if the foundation’s load capacity has been compromised.  A foundation repair may be merited.

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