Is a Suburban Lifestyle Right for You?

Everyone leads a busy lifestyle these days. Deep down a dream exists for a slower and quieter pace of life. With the rapid growth occurring in The City of Calgary, some people in the city may feel less connected and may start to perceive it as unfriendly and noisy.

Stress has become a natural fact of life which is leading many to reconsider their way of life. When chaos causes us to re-evaluate our lifestyle choices we may find life in the newer outlying area is just what the doctor ordered.

Having more space gives one room to move and breathe and will inspire expansion in your life in many areas. Open space breeds creativity, inspiring innovation and ultimately builds prosperity. If you have a creative brain, you will probably find that you will really thrive in a suburban lifestyle.

For nature lovers the choice is easy to make. Equally inspiring is the beauty of the countryside besides having easy access to wonderful parks, trails and bike paths you will love.

To compare, think about the congestion of the inner city where everything is built very close together to accommodate the high density of population residing there.  Some people generally a younger demographic appreciate living here.

If you are raising a family suburban life may be better suited to you. Consider branching out to make positive changes elevating your quality of life. Imagine a neighbourhood where you actually know your neighbours. Your children will meet lifelong friends through schools and activities conveniently placed close to home. A real sense of community with neighbours who look out for each other is satisfying for all. Everyone here has a common goal.

The real reason for moving to the suburbs for many is for the value you are able to achieve outside the city. You simply get so much more for less, which ultimately can ease the burden of financial stress that can plague some couples and families. It is a long term investment which offers many returns through the course of your residency.

If the city life is too busy, loud and crowded for you, come visit the Kinniburgh Estate show home by Chestermere Lake. We build anywhere but you will want to come to see one project we are currently working on. Besides stimulating your imagination, it will give you a good idea of what we have to offer. We will leave the porch light on for you.

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