What are Infill Homes?

Twice as many people prefer to buy a newly built home over an existing one, and for obvious reasons. Building new gives you the ability to design your home with features that are important to you and your family. But, if more people prefer new to old, then why aren’t there twice as many new homes sold than existing homes?

One possible reason is that the character, culture and close proximity to downtown, gives mature inner city neighbourhoods an appeal that’s hard to match by a new suburban neighbourhood. Especially, if you’re an active downtown executive, with a refined taste for exquisite dining and shopping.

If the above describes you, let us introduce you to infill homes. Infill homes are by no means a new concept, but are definitely an evolving science in the city of Calgary. It’s a science since, building your dream home will require a lot research to find the perfect lot, in the perfect community, at the right price.

The process starts and ends with you. Your lifestyle is what drives both the research and design of your infill home. And, finding a builder that understands an infill home is about so much more than bricks and mortar. It is a science of its own, and something I’d be very happy to talk with you about. Over the years, I’ve built a significant niche in this space and have much to share with you in this sense.

So, just what is an infill home?

As we’ve already established, infill housing is primarily built in older neighbourhoods that are being redeveloped. The transition is gradual as developers or private homebuyers acquire lots, parcel by parcel – as they become available. Frequently, these lots become available in highly sought after inner-city neighbourhoods. Lots are recycled amid older housing which creates a diversity of property development while blending a variety of cultures and lifestyles.


Inner-city Infill Home built by West Ridge Fine Homes in Parkdale, Calgary. For sale at $2,100,000


Infill homes complement the principles of traditional urban design with responsive and contextual design practices.  They are unique with a contemporary feel. Primarily detached homes, occasionally are built as duplexes. In these transitional neighbourhoods the developer needs to acquire the land, tear down the old structure and clean up the site of any contaminants.

Redeveloping existing urban areas is a way to prevent urban sprawl.  Less cars, hence less pollution, makes infill building a sustainable option. Often energy efficient and environmentally friendly, they appeal to the green conscious population. Some include ecologically sound building practices, such as solar panels.

These homes, which are taller and larger, are a contrast to older homes in the area. Some infill designs have three or four levels, disqualifying anyone who is unable to access a lot of stairs. Occasionally, larger models may have an elevator in the central area.

Since they are new, Infills may raise the value of the older homes in the area. This is good news for existing residents.

Despite their narrow appearance from the outside, Infill homes can be very roomy with enough bedrooms for the entire family. This is an ideal purchase for young families building who wish to build their equity and enjoy the inner city lifestyle at the same time. In some areas secondary suites above the garage may incorporate a nanny-suite. Builders must adhere to the city’s building guidelines that are in place.

Luxury design options are an attraction for those who have a demanding work life, including those who work from home. Some infill homes have layout plans designed with these executives in mind. Some areas have mixed-use options where an office can be located.

Infill housing is one signature of the new urbanism.  With excellent walk-ability, the lifestyle here is convenient and time-saving as amenities are close by. A brand new home in proximity to the downtown core is especially appealing to young professionals and families in search of urban living.

A simple healthier way of life is desirable and the revitalization an infill provides, can influence the existing area in a positive way, through revitalizing new energy and creating tax revenues.

One neighbourhood in Calgary currently in transition is Parkdale. Just north of the river, the area has stunning views. Residents enjoy access to the river and its pathways. Building an infill is a good long term investment. Homes in the inner city ensures your property value stays strong and even increases no matter what the financial climate. It is important to team up with a builder who specializes in redevelopment and who understands your needs and lifestyle.

If this article has you thinking, about how to experience a real life example of one of our infill homes, come see us at our showhome in Parkdale. Call 403.235.1777 to book an appointment, or visit us online for a virtual tour; www.YourParkdaleRetreat.ca

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