Breathing New Life into Inner City Calgary

Just as with other cities, Calgary’s inner city renewal is essential for sustainability and vitality. From a cultural and economic perspective, everything revolves around the city’s downtown core, which Calgary has long been recreating into a dynamic living space. Housing has driven the shifting of Calgary’s attractive communities and its citizens are enjoying the radical transformation and beautiful revitalization of the inner city.

The presence of newer inner city homes is positioning neighbourhoods to become better at providing features that homebuyers care about and are also creating exciting hubs where they choose to live. Successful executives want to reside in homes and neighbourhoods that match their lifestyles. Finding the best value is important, but equally important to these customers is how a home and neighbourhood will impact everyday life. That’s where we come in.

As one of Calgary’s few specialized infill homebuilders, we’re at the front of this exciting movement. We choose to be a different type of builder, focusing on more than just design and construction. Our customers are very busy and rely on us for guidance. Based on a customer’s unique requirements, we will provide an educated perspective on the options, which are available to them.

We are more than homebuilders. We are lifestyle and investment consultants, and as such, our jobs are that much more meaningful. This is what we love, to match our very busy clients with their dream neighbourhoods in their dream homes. We will find the best lot that will meet their individual needs.

The excitement of higher density areas and being in the centre of the action is appealing for the elite who enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Many inner city communities compete for this market- some better than others.

Parkdale, Altadore, Mount Royal and other communities, each have an appeal that is unique.

To find out how inner city communities rank up against each other and to discover which is best for you, click here to download individual community profiles for more than 10 of Calgary’s most popular Infill communities.

Following your review, please call for a personal consultation.


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