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Skye and Hank Baldwin have been horse lovers their entire lives. With an affinity for Dutch warmbloods, they have been involved in breeding as well. Skye says, “I have been horse crazy for ever since I can remember.” Before purchasing their acreage property they boarded their horses out for a number of years. That meant a lot of time travelling back and forth.

“The point came where we wanted to have the horses with us,” says Skye. “We knew would need about six acres to comfortably accommodate the horses and integrate them into our lifestyle, “adding, “not only the horses, but the dogs and cats as well. “

More than just the horses, the couple says they really enjoy the quiet of being in the country. Skye is an artist, who wanted an art studio with huge windows and natural lighting. She loves to paint landscapes and horses, of course.

Hank has a high powered job that requires a commute every day to the city. He get up in the early morning silence to do his chores before heading to a full day in the city. “I enjoy the quiet drive with no traffic as I go in early. It gives me time to clear my head,” he says.

“We have part-time stable help and landscapers who help to look after the property. I don’t have time to do it all.”

Now days the kids are busy with secondary school and their own activities and friends. We enjoy a lot of family time on the weekends when everyone has a bit more free time.

We were happy to be able to select a style and size of house that suited our family. We know we can stay here as long as we like and most likely be able to pass it down to the kids.


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