Global Green Community

There is a growing awareness and a shift happening in humanity to do the right thing for the planet. While we cannot change the world on our own, what matters is what we do in our own lives on a daily basis that makes a difference in the long term. That is how the greening of the world will happen. It is a succession of small acts that when done by many add up to change.

A good start is green affordable housing and the lifestyle contained there within. Interacting with others in the community creates green choices. Reducing, reusing and recycling then begins to increase at an accelerating rate. Turning waste into useable assets and recovering resources for usability instead of disposing of them makes a huge difference in what goes into the landfills. As well, we can include our efforts in making more efficient neighbourhoods, schools and businesses to make a desirable place for everyone to be.

Our behaviours and choices preserve our own wellbeing as well as that of the planet. We want a place where humanity continues to thrive and evolve. Eco friendly decisions help to reverse some of the previous damaging choices that have been made by society as a whole. It is part of our natural evolution as a species. Consider water, our most precious resource, without which we cannot survive. Our carbon foot print has a large influence on the big picture. Everyone doing their part has the most impact, one house, one business, one city at a time.

In making a difference, consider the choices you are making and how those choices influence others. Together we can solve environmental issues.  Some organizations exist for outreach and global opportunities to help those in need. Many disadvantaged areas have been affected by climate change causing destruction. This is an opportunity to rebuild in a sustainable way. We can work toward safely eliminating the factors which have contributed to the problems that currently exist.

Whether or not you are part of a particular organization or not, there is an unofficial green club in the world. A growing movement of people who do not know one another yet do the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do. Taking action can help us to spring back from the course we have been on as a global community. It is worth joining the movement if you care about the environment and sustainability.

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