Discover Silverhorn in Bearspaw

The newest development in the rapidly growing area of Rocky View County is Silverhorn, located in Bearspaw. Rocky View County is primarily a rural area where you may encounter wildlife. Nearby some agricultural activities and ranching may be underway. Variable road conditions may be present depending on the weather, but in return you will enjoy peaceful and tranquil surroundings.

It is a fantastic natural area with stunning views. This development promises to preserve half of the existing natural environment when finished. Luxury homes surrounded by natural areas such as wetlands, mountains, streams is a paradise within a short distance from the most urban areas of Calgary. Leaving natural areas untouched means no landscaping and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature right from your home.

As builders we are taking part in environmental stewardship and you can too by allowing us to build you a sustainable home. This development has the special requirements for building materials and guidelines to comply with the general theme. West Ridge Fine Homes will be incorporating the use of natural stone, wood, brick as well as green building techniques of the utmost quality.

Being in this area is an incredible opportunity and this type of development will be an example for many to follow. An example for green communities to come, we are building in such a way to have a minimal impact on the environment. Employing the use of water conservation technology has put this on the cutting edge or any other community.

Intelligent land use planning and available free energy is being used. In addition to traditional power sources wind and solar can also be accessed. Sustainable business projects and companies have been attracted to the adjacent area.  The infrastructure is secure, and able to support the homes and businesses in this area.

Nearby many amenities are in place. Silverhorn contains several top notch schools.  Golf courses and other outdoor activities as well as stocked fishing spots will whet your appetite for outdoor recreation.  Family arenas, sport and recreation centres exist here. Parks, museums and local attractions will hold your interest. Nearby destinations such as provincial parks and natural wonders provide the perfect get away.

Since this was primarily an agricultural area there are a few local farmer markets where you can buy organic local produce. Multiuse pathways to explore and hiking areas as well as picnic areas and river access. Playgrounds, off leash parks and much more will encourage and support an active lifestyle and to enhance appreciation of our natural habitat.





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