The Bungalow is Making a Comeback

Bungalows originated in Bengal, India having been derived from European architecture and modified to suit the Indian climate. The attractive homes were the foundation of style in much of western building development. As urbanism developed in the early 1800’s, so did the bungalow’s popularity. It spread to England, the United States, and finally arrived in Canada around 1900.

Originally, bungalows appealed to those wanting the comforts of home at an affordable price. A variety of styles existed and still do. The exterior is often made from natural materials such as brick and stone. Its area is larger than a two-story but the house can still fit on most lots.

Low-density neighbourhoods consisting of all bungalows provide more privacy with strategically placed trees and shrubs for shelter. The view is not obscured by high-density development. Most of us are familiar with the old style bungalow. It was made to last. Traditionally, covered, wrap-around porches with large support columns low-pitched gabled roofs are often seen. Large centred fireplaces, built-in cabinets and shelves are installed in many of the older versions.

New bungalows combine classic, modern design features and maintain a less formal atmosphere. Breathable light and space is common in newly designed open floor plans.

There are a number of reasons why bungalows are coming back into vogue. Primarily, the return can be attributed to a practical lifestyle-choice. Once recognized as cottages for the wealthy, the bungalow style is now perfected for urban living with a twist. A comfortable living style that is close to conveniences of city-life is combined with the autonomy of being fully detached; one story or one-and-a-half story bungalows with sloping roofs and a living space that is primarily on one floor.

The world is once again noticing the benefits and advantages of the many design options available with bungalow living. Demographics indicate that a number of different groups are attracted to the lifestyle as proven by the bungalow’s newfound popularity.

Calgary’s aging population, and empty nesters are finding want to downsize from a space that no longer meets their needs, requires more work and is expensive to maintain. Bungalows offer the same luxury features of a larger home, without wasted space. Fewer empty rooms and a more intimate environment are pleasing for casual living; features that complement a new lifestyle now that the kids have moved out.

Having the living space on one level with no stairs to contend with is attractive to the elderly or anyone that is mobility challenged. Semi-retired individuals who do not want to move to attached or semi-detached homes are also candidates for this lifestyle choice.

The bungalow’s popularity has risen among young and middle-aged professionals too, and is perfect for anyone choosing to lead an active lifestyle. Pathways and trails are accessible and improve the neighbourhood’s walk-ability score. Relaxed living with an urban flair, close to the bright lights, the art and culture scene awaits these city dwellers.

A large kitchen is perfect for those who like to entertain and young families find these homes are spacious enough; complete with a yard for the kids.

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, single detached homes, including bungalows are mostly found in the inner suburbs and the newer outer suburbs. The downtown core is almost exclusively high and low-rise apartments and condominiums. Neighbourhoods in between are mixed. Living in a mixed neighbourhood has the advantage of offering other choices while your needs change without having to switch communities.

Multifamily dwellings such as semi-detached, row and apartments are in demand, especially in high-density areas. This may be a result of first time homebuyers entering the market. Apartments have been the biggest sellers, with single detached homes in second place, followed by townhouse-style row housing.

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