Bringing up a Family on an Acreage

Vivian and Bob wanted to raise their family on an acreage. They were attracted by a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and turned their property into a small homestead.

Bob had grown up on a farm and was well versed in being self-sufficient. Farm living made Bob into a Jack of all trades with machinery water and electrical systems.  Bob teaches his son everything he knows.

Raising chickens for meat and eggs and looking after some livestock came easily, as did beekeeping since Bob’s family were beekeepers. The bees on the homestead have produced so much honey that they began selling the excess at the Farmer’s Market.

The children feed the chickens and collect eggs and have learned to milk their only cow which provides them with milk and wonderful homemade cheese. They create as much of their own food as possible growing vegetables and herbs.

A large garden plot yields more than enough produce to feed the family. Harvest time is so busy putting up anything that could be preserved in jars or frozen to hold them throughout the winter. Most everything is homemade with love.

Vivian enjoys sewing and quilting and her daughters are learning the family tradition early on. Because the schools were a distance, they both agreed Vivian would homeschool the children at least while the children are still young.

Arts and crafts is popular with the children as they do not have a television by choice. Internet was a must though and that was a prerequisite.

The family believes self-sufficient living is an education it itself. No matter what happens they know they can sustain themselves. Building something sustainable which they will be able to pass down to the next generation is the intention. A lifestyle of choice has led to a rich and fulfilling existence for this family.

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