Are Bungalows Safer?

When you venture into the property market, you will quickly realize that there are many different types of properties that you can purchase. As such, you will need to exercise your discretion in choosing one house over the other. A wrong choice could lead to massive regret for years to come. This is mainly because property investments involve a lot of money. It can also take a long time to resell your property once you realize that it is not what you bargained for. One of the first things that you will be required to do is to decide on whether you want to live in a one storey house or if you would prefer a multi storey home. It is our intention to prove to you that one storey homes are much safer and better than their multi storey counterparts.

A bungalow is a one storey house that has many significant differences from houses that have two or more levels built on top of each other. Bungalows are especially loved by old people or senior citizens and by families with young children. It is easy to see why these categories of people would prefer a bungalow over a house that is trying to resemble a sky scraper.

  • Bungalows are easily accessible to senior citizens with mobility issues

One of the main advantages of bungalows over other types of housing is the fact that the floor plan for bungalows is readily accessible to senior citizens. When people grow old, their mobility is hindered to a large extent. Many will start experiencing hip problems and issues with their eyesight. These are problems that could lead to accidents when walking up or down a flight of stairs. It could also lead to huge inconveniences in accessing different parts of the house. All these problems are solved by living in a one storey house. Old people using wheelchairs will not find it hard to access their bedrooms or the bathroom. Others with hip problems and sight issues will also find it very easy to navigate the open floor plan that is common with bungalows.

  • Bungalows are very friendly for a family raising children

Families with young children often have parents worrying that their young ones could fall down the stairs in their home and get hurt. There are many reported freak accidents of children breaking bones, sustaining painful fractures and even dying as a result of slipping or falling down a flight of stairs. While you may be vigilant and hawk eyed, it is quite obvious that there will come a time when you will not be around or able to save your young ones in time.

When this is compounded with the fact that children are playful and adventurous by nature, you will quickly come to see the light and decide to live in a one storey home. A bungalow eliminates the fear or worry of children getting hurt on the stairs instantly. This will also make it easier for you to sleep well at night or to work productively at your day job.

There are also other advantages that are to be noted with buying and living in a bungalow. Some of these benefits include:

  • Bungalows offer privacy

One of the most loved benefits of living in a one storey home is the privacy that you will get from doing so. Multi storey houses in towns and other congested urban areas will often have many families living in one building but on different levels. This does not bode well for families that crave their privacy. This is mainly because it is inevitable that other people around you will get to learn your intimate secrets and know more about your life at home than you would like strangers or neighbors to know about. This is not a fear or worry that you will have with a bungalow under your wings.

  • The open plan design is great

It is also important to note that the open plan design for bungalows allows for the residents of the household to feel that they are living in a spacious home. There will be no opportunities to feel as if you are living in a space that is cramped and dim. Instead, you will be living in a sunny and well aerated environment. This is good for both your psychological and physical health. It is especially important for young children and senior citizens who need to be in excellent health all the time.

  • Bungalows are flexible when it comes to additions

The other good advantage with owning a bungalow is the potential for renovations and additions in the future. One storey homes are amenable to additions that will improve the quality of life of all the residents living in the house. However, it would be prudent to check the feasibility of your planned addition or expansion of the home so that you do not put undue stress on the foundation of the home. This will require the input of licensed professionals who will show you the way forward. The sky is the limit when it comes to additions to your bungalow home.

  • High demand for resell into the market

Bungalows are also unique in that they offer you the chance of a quick exit if you ever need to change your home and invest in another property. This is due to the fact that bungalows have a very high resell demand. The real estate market is always thirsting and hungry for more bungalows, as young families and old citizens choose their new homes with care. As such, if you ever feel the need to move on to another type of housing, you can rest assured that your bungalow will not stay stuck in a slow moving property market. This can turn out to be very inconveniencing, as it would freeze your capital. Bungalows are fast moving property items and you can expect to start enjoying the liquidity of your capital (with handsome returns as well) as quickly as possible.

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