Living Off The Grid

Living off grid was not the main priority for the Thompsons. However, the property they fell in love with was not hooked up to the grid and because they loved the land so much they figured out if would be better to have a sustainable alternative design which would incorporate alternative sources of power .

As an architect Ross has always had a special interest in eco design and was heavily involved in the planning process. His wife Ariella has an eye for design and she wanted the very best in minimalism. The property held so many possibilities and once feasibility was determined things moved forward to their specifications.

Solar and photovoltaic thermal technology powers their large luxury home. They chose to use eco-friendly materials which meant efficiency but also provided them with several unique choices, such as reclaimed wood for the flooring and cabinets. Natural materials such as stone and bamboo have been incorporated wherever possible.

Off-grid living has taught us one can have a large beautiful home and still about responsible consumption by conserving resources while being resilient. “The finished product has turned out to be a sustainable choice and we have adapted well,” says Ross. “We love that what we have is one of a kind.”

They hope the others who intend to build in this area will be open to pooling and sharing whenever possible, and to all play a fair role in doing so. It feels right to know we are doing our share.

From the windows of the house all that can be see is sky and natural areas with rock, trees and no neighbours. The environment itself is like a dream, gorgeous views and peaceful surroundings. The Thompsons say it feels like they are finally home.

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