Things to Consider

Things to consider before buying acreage

So you have properly weighted your options and needs, and decided that this would be a good time to purchase a wonderful home outside of town, where you and your family could happily live ever after. But before you make the big step, there are a few ideas and tips you might want to consider.


Family needs

Acreage living is not for everyone. Before you make your mind up, make sure all of your family members will be able to adapt. This is especially true for teenagers, who sometimes fall in love with the countryside life, and all the perks that come with it, but other times seem to be a lot more dependent on the city life. At least you know your pets will definitely be cheerful and supportive of your choice!

You also need to consider your current, as well as your future family needs, particularly if you plan on living in this home for a very long time. You found the lot, the house is built, and you found a good primary school for the kids to go to. But what about the prestigious high school they will have to go to once they grow up a little more? In the event you only plan on living in your new home for short period of time, it is strongly recommend you consider the property’s resale value, not to mention the return on your investment.


Tips before purchasing

It is best advised to view and choose an acreage home during the months of spring or summer, not only so you can get a feeling of the land quality, but also to be able to familiarize yourself with your new property. Also, this way you can admire the countryside nature in all its glory, and be inspired to make the best of your vast space. You might also want to have a chat with potential neighbours (which can live so far, that many would not even consider calling them neighbours) and other community members to make sure it is the kind of society you’d like to live in. Countryside folks are usually very sociable and straight-forward individuals, who have most likely lived out of town for a long time, sometimes rooted there for generations.

Hiring a local, highly familiar with the area real-estate agent is also a great idea. When completing the home inspection, it is imperative you hire a professional with both building and engineering experience, capable and qualified to fully inspect the home and any spot any issues that might potentially arise in the future.

As a last tip, it should be mentioned that it is important to hire proper moving help. You ought to look for a bonded and insured company, whose staff is properly trained on how to appropriately transport and care for all of your valuables and antiques.


Legal/civic responsibilities when owning an acreage home

As boring and dry as this part of your research might be, it is necessary that you familiarize yourself with all the subtle in’s and out’s of the legal matters of owning out of town land. Or, preferably, hire a professional who can walk you through the basic steps. This should be done prior to choosing the home based on location, aesthetics, or curb appeal, to ensure a stress and reluctance-free living. Laws concerning out of town properties can vary considerably from in-town regulations. Things such as road access, permission to use the road, water, sewer, and drainage systems should be checked and crossed of the list as granted or fully functional. Mineral rights are also to be considered, especially if you plan on keeping the property for a life-time. The distance to the nearest fire department is also of high importance as well, as it can determine your property insurance rates. Then, of course, you need to make sure you can draw the necessary power lines and utilities.

You might also want to check for any up-coming scheduled developments and construction in the area, as it could affect your property value. The septic field has to be fully functional. A great real-estate agent will complete all this for you, so make sure you hire a top-of-the line professional.


Location, curb appeal, and interior aesthetics

And of course, before you choose your perfect acreage home, you should be content with its location, as it will have an enormous impact on your every-day life. You should consider the property’s proximity to schools, shopping centers, or extracurricular activities. If you decided to move to the countryside because you want to be closer to nature, you might want to regard the home’s proximity to walking or biking trails. If your decision to move was based on the desire to escape the confines of a neighbourhood, make sure there’s enough space between your new residence and that of your neighbours. On the same token, a prestigious location is always favored over others.

The house should either be complete with all the positive features you and your family require, or it should be built in such a way that offers you the possibility to complete your desired renovations, and to offer you the opportunity to flawlessly personalize your space.

These are just a few of many items on the list of things to consider before you buy your new acreage home. But, as all families are unique, so are their needs and requirements to a stress-free life. Purchasing a countryside home is not, by any means, more complicated than making any other stern acquisition, but attention shall be paid, mostly in order to prepare yourself for a happy future, and avoid any unnecessary issues.



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