A Green Life

Because everything we do has an influence on the surrounding environment, creating a green life at the grassroots level is where it all begins. As awareness grows people begin to make better choices. The technology is available to sustain green living. The choices we make on a daily basis can have a long lasting effect.

Once you have made the decision to build your home you can look at the various options for generating your own power. Clean renewable power is now available to everyone. Various water systems exist to conserve and recycle water. Making a positive impact is no longer out of reach.

You will want to review your decisions about everything you do. Furnishing your new home can be done with sustainable materials such as reclaimed materials, certified sustainable wood, bamboo, recycled metal and plastic. Ensure no volatile organic compounds are being emitted by choosing wisely. You may find some wonderful pieces made my local artisans.

What does going green look like?

Buying seasonal local food promotes organic agriculture and responsible land use in your area. Grow your own food whenever possible. Compost especially if you are gardening. Landscaping is best done with native plants that require little watering.

Select products that are environmentally friendly and ones that do not pose risk to your family or the environment. Be selective when choosing personal care items.

Recycle and buy recycled. Recycle old electronics and appliances. Minimize plastic use as it often ultimately ends up in the ocean. Use cloth grocery bags.

Motor vehicles are responsible for about 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. The electric car is now here and hybrids have been around even longer. Some inner city residents have found it easy to go car free.  You can opt for living inner city and choose to walk, bike, car share or use car to go when you really need to drive. You will have more time without a lengthy commute.

Why should I reduce my carbon footprint?

Reducing, reusing and recycling helps to protect forests, habitat, wildlife, clean water and biodiversity. By doing your part you will reduce the amount of waste clogging up our landfills and oceans. By living green you will be supporting sustainable land-use practices. You can offset your carbon footprint by making better choices.

We have the technology and things are changing rapidly. When everyone makes a commitment to moving into eco living the result would create positive changes on the planet with long-term environmental benefits.

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