2 Storey vs 1 Storey Homes

You’ve made that big decision to build your home. You have picked your community that feels right and maybe even your lot to build on. Now the question emerges … do you build a single-storey home or a two-storey home?

First you have to ask yourself what features are appropriate for your needs. In determining how many bedrooms, bathrooms and whether or not you want a bonus room will help you to decide how much space is required. You may want a large kitchen with upgrades or a family room.

A one story home provides easy access to all areas of the home without the use of stairs. This is ideal for anyone who may be mobility restricted or for people who prefer the convenience of having everything on one floor. One floor does not necessarily mean less square footage, particularly if it is a bungalow on a larger lot. Single storey homes have an open feel with wider hallways and more open entrances.

A home built on one level is more traditional and often cost effective though it may mean having a smaller yard. This can be advantageous if the residents are content with less yard maintenance. Space allocation can make the one storey home seem larger than it actually is. Ample square footage is not the ultimate if the space cannot be used to its full advantage.

Strategically placed shrubs and landscaping that compliments the features of a one storey property offers more privacy from the external world.

A two storey home can have twice the square footage on a regular foundation. From the street this can look impressive. Though the home may appear larger from the street it may not have a more usable space than a one level house.

Some people may find stairs to be difficult to manage though so that alone may not make it suitable for their needs. More trips up and down the stairs for laundry or cleaning can be labour intensive even for able bodied folk but it may be helpful for keeping in shape.

When building a two-storey, you are able to get the most out of a smaller lot. A two-storey also allows you to separate your living rooms and bedrooms, creating more privacy within the home.

Obviously, you will want your decision to reflect value for your commitment by weighing the benefits and costs. Your investment will need to last for months and years to come. No matter what your requirements are, West Ridge Fine Homes can completely customize your floorplan and lead you through the entire process of building your new home exactly the way you want it. Answering some questions for yourself will help you to get clear and then our work begins as we build your dream.


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