Your Home Built to Order.

Your Home Built to Order.

Site Considerations

It may seem obvious, but determining the right spot on which to build, is one of the most important aspects of home construction.

At West Ridge Fine Homes, we direct our customers through the process of lot selection, and remove the guesswork associated with obtaining the proper permits required by the area in which they will build.

There are crucial considerations that are important to every build; such as, environmental impact, infrastructure and utilities. We provide the vital answers to critical questions about your chosen lot. For instance, whether or not your home will utilize municipal sewer services, or a personal septic system. Decisions made early on will determine the project’s environmental impact.

Establish Individual Needs and Wants

Our initial consultation is the opportunity to make a very good first impression, and to entice you to allow us the privilege of constructing your buit-to-order home. Of course, our goal is to exceed your expectations, and our time together will prove to you that we will.

You will emerge from the initial consultation feeling positive and more confident about the possibilities surrounding your exceptional objectives.

Our family business that treats customers the way family should be treated. You will never feel like a number, a notch on the proverbial tool belt. We listen to customers, and provide one-of-a kind services.

Our design and product experts breathe life into ideas.

Budget Criteria

As Calgary’s built-to-order home builder, we do not cookie cutter homes, as no two designs are the same. We are unique home builders that create 21st Century designs, matching the lifestyle, tastes and distinctive ideas of our customers.

We don’t cut corners and we use the best products on the market-products that match the quality and exceptional designs of our homes. Our costs are competitive, but in all honesty, the houses you design and we build, are so magnificent that you will definitely get what you pay for.

Before the building process begins our financial consultants meet the customer to outline a definitive budget that is attached to your built project.

Preliminary Plans and Suggestions

At this stage of the building process, we’ve really gotten the ball rolling. The customer has completed an initial consultation, and has approved a rough sketch design that our team has transformed into a complimentary $5000 floor plan. The client has accepted the project budget criterion and now it’s time to take the next step.

Following the approval of the design, the customer will then make specific choices on the features that will go into their home. Expert designers will provide assistance in matching the client’s original floor plan and design and will make suggestions on appliances, flooring, kitchen cabinets, bathroom features, etc.

Following these decisions, construction will begin.

Fine Tune Project Costs

West Ridge Fine Homes considers the needs and wants of each client and seeks to develop floor plans within their budget constraints. Once a preliminary design has been agreed upon, the concept will be reviewed multiple times. The client will have the opportunity to review and adjust their design concept to discuss the current project budget.

A fine-tuning process takes place at this time, ensuring that the project design is in line with the client’s wishes, and on budget. A discussion between the client and a West Ridge Fine Homes consultant ensues and the client will be provided with a clear pricture of the finished project cost.

Finalize Plans and Material Allowances

Our professional consultants are here to guide clients in finalizing construction plans and to guarantee the construction materials are available for the project at the time in which they are required. This is very important, as the availability or lack of construction products will directly affect the allotted building time frame.

Scarcity of construction materials could translate into a work stoppage, and negatively affect budget constraints. Coming in on time and on budget is essential.

Sign Agreement

The signed agreement is in place to protect both the client and the construction company.

Before construction begins on the finalized property the client signs a construction contract. The contract will include the project’s scope and expected finish date. It will take into consideration “acts of God”, and other reasonable delay scenarios. The agreement will include a section on required compensation as previously agreed upon between West Ridge Fine Homes and the Client.

The rate and time of payment distribution will be clearly indicated on the agreement, along with a contract warranty and a provision for suspending work on the project, and a clause for terminating the contract in case of default.

Exterior/Interior Selection Begin

It may seem overwhelming at first, but our design consultants stand ready to assist you in deciding on the bones of your interior and exterior design. These basic components are the skeleton on which the concept will hang.

Doors, windows, siding, hardware and so many other choices have to be made. It is a fun process, to choose from the number one products on the market. These exceptional products will come together to create your beautiful dream home.

Bringing Your Dreams to Life

We are dream weavers. We take your concept and make it a reality. Lending our professional opinion, ability, and plain hard work-we mold your built-to-order home into something of which you will be proud to call your own, and to say, “I did that”. As contemporary, customer centric homebuilders, we will be equally proud to join you in the process.

We build from scratch, beginning with bare ground, and a state-of-the-art methodology. We have a penchant for designing built-to-0rder homes that are unique to the families who will live there.

Interior Selections Walk Through

The interior selection walkthrough is one of the last requirement before the client will take possession of their home. A West Ridge Fine Homes representative will join the client, demonstrating the interior features of the new home, following the builder’s checklist.

The builder’s checklist matches the client’s preferences, which were set forth by the client and outlined in the contract.

A tour of each room is included, and the client is invited to ask any questions they have about the house. They will also make note of any flaws to be corrected or if there are repairs to be made.

West Ridge Fine Homes will never pressure the client to sign final papers until the house passes the client’s inspection, and when it is in order according to the original specifications agreed by the client.

Welcome Orientation

The Welcome Orientation is the last step of the purchase process. Before finalizing the purchase of your dream home, the client will complete a walk through. The walk-through is the client’s opportunity to check out the home’s features.

The welcome orientation and walk through is the moment at which it all becomes real to the client; to touch and feel their conceptualized design .The client will find the home complete and move-in ready.

A West Ridge Fine Homes representative will join the client for the orientation, and beginning with the exterior of the home, will point out and demonstrate the features of the finished home. From the exterior, the client and representative will continue through the home. The walk-through will be concluded in the kitchen.

Possession of Your New Home

The day has finally arrived when you will take possession of your new home; the time at which the property is transferred from West Ridge Fine Homes, to you. This will occur at closing.

The client received the keys to their home, following legal signing of all documents related to the sell.



Warranty Process

You, the home owner, have the right to expect your finished home to be in good order. We will provide a home warranty that backs our workmanship. The warranty is provided to the original purchaser of the home, and to subsequent owners that take title within the warranty period. The warranty is good only if the home is utilized as a residence.

The home warranty covers: materials and workmanship, as defined by the original documents; including plumbing, windows, air conditioning, the electrical system, etc. Materials and workmanship are warranted from the time of closing up to one year.

Thank you for visiting the West Ridge Fine Homes website. It is with great pleasure that we present our passion for innovative, contemporary, one-of-a-kind construction.

We understand the challenges that potential customers face, and we take those questions and challenges seriously. Our brand is customer centric, and as such, our customers and potential customers are of utmost importance.

We value your busienss and honor your time. Please call us with questions, or to schedule an initial consultation. It would be our pleasure to meet you and to assist in the process of designing your dream home.

No two people dream alike

Most dream in black and white, though a few lucky sleepers dream in color. Maybe that explains why most people don’t remember their dreams, even though scientists claim we are constantly dreaming when asleep. Black and white dreams are less memorable.

We’re dream weavers. We add technicolor to what is widely black and white.

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